IRG works with the latest technologies and remains vendor/technology-agnostic, enabling us to provide clients with the best solution at the best value. Industry standards form the cornerstone of our success and we are committed to promoting an environment rich in best practices, using technology as a strategic tool to help clients achieve their goals.

IRG has diverse experience in successfully providing IT solutions, designing and implementing large-scale systems, and managing project teams effectively. We support our clients with a full range of information service professionals, from a single programmer to a full development team.

Project Management

IRG has in-depth and comprehensive experience in effective process improvement practices, custom system development, and knowledge of industry-proven models such as the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), CMMI, and Six Sigma. Read more >>

Software Development

Our staff is comprised of experienced and skilled professionals, who know how to both help you minimize risks and provide the right level of functionality to meet user requirements. IRG's resources are significant contributors in the design, implementation, testing, and delivery of system solutions. Read more >>

IV & V

IV&V Consulting is available to ensure that the system development matches the specifications, meeting the needs of the end user. We have the technical expertise to validate and verify applications against their requirements and documentation. In addition, we have the expertise to assist in every aspect of the Software Development Life Cycle. Read more >>

Technology Strategy & Planning

We can evaluate and prioritize IT optimizaton options and define a road map of activities that can reduce costs and improve utilization using time-tested methods and best-practice analysis. Read more >>

Content Management

Content Management System (CMS) solutions are plentiful with a broad swath of technology that spans the enterprise ecosystem. The IRG team can utilize the best options to provide capabilities for the web, enterprise, cloud, and mobile. IRG will listen, learn, and understand your challenges. IRG can partner with you to design and develop an integrated solution for both product and services. Read more >>

Security Assessment

Information technology security requires an approach based on real-world concerns and industry standard-based objectives. We can evaluate, plan, design, develop, test, and implement cohesive and integrated solutions that address your needs. Read more >>

RFP Development & Evaluation

Regardless of which side of the RFP you're on, the first step in any project is defining the right technology, schedule, and cost. Assisting in the proposal process, IRG helps ensure the quality of products and services that are to be delivered. We can also provide support in the selection of an appropriate and compliant vendor. Read more >>

SOA Design & Development

We can help create the right Service Oriented Architecture strategy and set realistic goals regarding where and how to use SOA, aligning services to business needs, and identifying and scoping services. IRG will enable agility and innovation throughout your software development initiatives. Read more >>

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Looking for that competitive edge? IRG can leverage Big Data and sophisticated data mining to help our clients meet their business objectives, understand market trends, build strategic relationships, and gain insight to better predict future outcomes. Read more >>

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is not just a location for companies to store information. IRG can effectively warehouse your data with an easy-to-access, performance-enhanced solution. Read more >>

Web Development

We are passionate about technology. Our developers can build or extend a wide range of multi-tiered, responsive, scalable, available, and distributed systems on a wide variety of platforms. Read more >>

Enterprise Architecture

Our architecture and design services can help you bridge the gap between strategic intent and your deployed infrastructure using our structured design approach. Read more >>