Security Assessment

Information technology security requires an approach based on real-world concerns and industry standard-based objectives. We can evaluate, plan, design, develop, test, and implement cohesive and integrated solutions that address your needs.

IRG's vulnerability detection and mitigation services can be of benefit to you, whether:

  • Your industry and types of data are regulated and must be handled securely
  • You know or suspect that your system or data has been compromised, and now want to find out more about the threats to your systems, allowing you to reduce the risk of another attack
  • You simply think it is a good idea to be proactive, and find out about potential vulnerabilities to your organization

The most common vulnerabilities tend to be design flaws, configuration errors, and software bugs. These get introduced during development and implementation, generally unintentionally. Once vulnerabilities are identified, they can usually be quickly resolved through re-engineering.

IRG can assemble a team armed with the latest research and best practices to solve your security challenges. Whether addressing an identified security issue or taking a proactive approach, we can provide a sophisticated arsenal of defensive technologies to assess potential vulnerabilities.